Our teams

Our people work under one of our eight ‘pillars’. Find out more about the different departments and the kind of skills we look for when recruiting.


If you’ve ever been involved in an accident, you’ll know that it can be a stressful time. Our Claims department is made up of a number of teams that strive to make the claims journey as easy and straightforward as possible for our customers when they have to make a claim on their insurance.

What does it take to work in Claims?
A cool, calm and collected telephone manner, good attention to detail and a talent for problem solving.

Commercial & Marketing

From enhancing the customer experience, internal communications and understanding our competitors, to SEM, web analysis, social media and raising brand awareness, our Commercial & Marketing team is a vibrant and varied place to work. The Business Analysis and Statistical Analysis teams are also part of Commercial & Marketing, and they work to gain a deeper insight into trends, behaviours and performance of our customers, as well as the insurance market as a whole.

What does it take to work in Commercial & Marketing?
An ambitious and creative mind that's full of ideas.

Corporate Governance

It’s vital that the company always remains compliant and is aware of any changes in legislation or policy. That’s where our Corporate Governance team comes in. Made up of Legal & Compliance, Business Continuity, Data Protection, Audit and Company Secretariat, they make sure we’re following the required standards and managing risk at all times. In simple terms, they keep things ticking over and ensure everything is running smoothly.

What does it take to work in Corporate Governance?
An organised and methodical approach and someone who strives to achieve best practice in everything they do.


Our Corporate Finance team looks after our money. The people in this department love a spot of number crunching and they support the business in all financial matters, including setting our budgets and analysing our spend activity.

What does it take to work in Finance?
A head for numbers, excellent attention to detail and good problem-solving skills.

HR and Learning & Development

Our people are vital in helping to make First Central a successful business, so it’s important that we look after them. The HR and Learning & Development department supports employees in all aspects relating to employment and learning & development. In a nutshell, they’re here to make First Central a great place to work!

What does it take to work in HR and Learning & Development?
A people person who is cool, calm and organised.


Made up of Customer Relations, Quality Assurance, Policy Analysis, Counter Fraud Services, Operational Excellence and Root Cause Analysis, the mission of our Operations department is to give our new and existing customers the best possible experience, while protecting them from things such as fraud. After all, our customers are at the heart of everything we do.

What does it take to work in Operations?
A people person with good problem-solving skills, excellent attention to detail and the ability to keep a cool head in challenging situations.


Our Technology team doesn't just fix our computers if they crash. The technological expertise of our developers has helped establish us as a highly skilled and innovative software development hub. Meanwhile, our Business Services team helps implement any changes or developments in our systems to ensure we continue to run a smooth operation.

What does it take to work in Technology?
An interest in technology and a talent for problem solving to ensure everything runs smoothly.


Our Underwriting teams use state-of-the-art data sources to assess risk in fine detail in order to provide competitive motor insurance premiums to our customers.

What does it take to work in Underwriting?
A head for numbers, good analytical skills and the ability to absorb and understand technical information.

Our values


We’re energised and motivated to succeed for our customers and our colleagues.


We support each other and our customers, share ideas and experiences to build strong teams, achieving more together.


We evolve, adapt and learn to keep pace with customer expectations and the changing world.


We take the initiative to deliver positive results, care about the outcome, and are trusted to do the right thing.