Our teams
in First Central.

The way we work.

First Central’s diverse community is split into eight business areas we call ‘pillars’, each one with distinctive areas of focus and priority. No matter where they concentrate their efforts though, each pillar supports the others. Our people know we’re all headed in the same direction and we’ll get there quicker and achieve more if we work together. So that’s what we do.

Commercial & Marketing

Creative, vibrant, perceptive. That’s Commercial & Marketing. These colleagues are the super sleuths whose mission it is to understand our customers, competitors, and the insurance market inside out. They’re customer-centric without losing sight of our ambitions. It’s about creating balance between outstanding customer experiences and strategic business success. Digital, web analysis, social media and brand awareness all come under this team. Statistical analysis helps these colleagues dig deep to uncover insights into trends, behaviours and performance.   

Commercial & Marketing’s the perfect place for inquisitive, ambitious team players. Does your mind buzz with lots of exciting ideas? Let’s talk. 

Customer & Operations 

Ever tried to speak to your insurer and been subjected to naff music while you’re on hold for ages? It’s frustrating. Or been involved in a car accident? Whatever the circumstances and however minor the damage or injury, the experience can be stressful. We want to lessen our customers’ anxiety by making their entire journey simple. The teams in Customer and Operations look after people. They make things as quick, easy and straightforward as they can be. Whether it’s helping with a new policy or a renewal or supporting customers with their damage, injury or third-party claims, Customer & Operation’s there. And, to keep our premiums as fair as possible for everyone, they’re expert at uncovering and dealing with fraudulent claims. No one should have to pay for someone else’s dishonesty.

Who works in Customer & Operations? These teams know customers may well feel tense and annoyed when they phone. That’s understandable. Our colleagues are calm, considerate and patient. They’re ace investigators and reasonable negotiators. They ask all the right questions and give consistent answers. Problem solved! 


The Finance team looks after all things monetary: no surprises there. These people love a spot of number crunching and book balancing. They support the business’ many financial needs, including budget setting and business modelling, planning and analysis. Supplier invoices, purchase orders and expense claims? They’re the team. 

If numbers are your thing, you’d love the Finance team. If you’re a precise, perceptive problem-solver, these colleagues are your people. 


As an insurance company, we’re regulated by two organisations in what’s known as a ‘twin peaks’ system: the Prudential Regulatory Authority (PRA), part of the Bank of England, and the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). These make sure we behave safely and fairly for customers while allowing us to offer products at a good price, to innovate, and to grow the UK economy.

It’s the Governance team’s job to make sure we meet all our compliance responsibilities. It’s vital. And they’re continually on the lookout for changes in legislation or policy that will affect our business. Legal & Compliance, Business Continuity, Data Protection, Audit and Company Secretariat all check we’re managing risk as we should and sticking to the standards we need to. In other words, they keep things on the straight and narrow so everything runs smoothly.

Is Governance for you? If you’re organised and methodical, absolutely. Best practice will be second nature to you. 


People first. Always. Without our ambitious, skilful colleagues, we wouldn’t be the success story we are. They’re fundamental. They’ve developed our rounded characters, created a bold plot and woven everything together so it makes sense. First Central’s narrative is dynamic and we all share it. There’s more to come.

The People team has everyone’s backs inside and outside the office. Human Resources (HR), Talent, Internal Communications & Engagement and Learning & Development tick all our employment and learning and development boxes. Whether it’s managing Health and Safety, employment strategies, attracting talent or managing pay and benefits, they’re the whizzes. Guiding people’s growth and sharing information? That’s their area too. And let’s not forget our legendary parties… Good job payroll’s there to sort out our spending money. 

Who are People people? In a nutshell, if you’re great in a team, level-headed and love connections, you’ll feel at home. The People team’s a mixed bunch of experts who share a key passion: to keep First Central a great place to work!

Technology & Data

When it comes to data, we know our stuff and the Technology & Data team’s where the masters work their magic. There’s a good reason we call ourselves a technology group as well as an insurance company. We’re data geeks and proud of it; we’ve even developed our own platforms. So, our Technology & Data wizards do way more than fixing our computers when they crash. They design and devise data solutions. They report, visualise and educate. They’re consultants for the business and they keep our data security up to scratch. Change management? That’s them too; they’re experts at driving efficiencies across the change delivery life cycle. Oh, and guess who we call when our computers crash…   

Could you be a data whizz? 

The teams may be scarily innovative and knowledgeable, but they are humans at heart. We’ve checked. If you’re technologically minded with a thirst for information and solutions, you speak our language.


These colleagues are our transformers, the people we trust to check our processes and improve them. Excellence: that’s what they’re after and they don’t stop. They’re always finding ways to make what we do better so we can succeed no matter what life throws at us. We count on the Operational Excellence, Operational Resilience, Procurement & Supplier Management and Portfolio Management Office teams to beef up our resilience and keep us moving forward. They make sure we’re ready for anything by driving our business transformation. They’re the positive change champions. The best practice gurus. The people who squeeze every bit of value they can out of our systems and procedures so customers and colleagues get a great deal. 

Are you a detail person? A continuous improvement specialist? A procurement professional who can help us turbocharge our approach to outsourcing, supplier management and procurement? This is the team for you. 


Did someone mention data? Our Underwriting teams use state-of-the-art data sources to measure risk thoroughly. They leave nothing to chance; their eagle eyes scrutinise trends and behaviours, analyse scenarios and come up with answers. They make sure we’re giving customers a fair price and the terms of our cover’s acceptable to us and good for them. 

Would you suit Underwriting? Our Underwriting colleagues live and breathe data and numbers. They’re sponges, absorbing technical information and figuring it out quickly. They’re analytical and know how to add value for customers and the business.